We’ve moved!

Thanks for visiting the Seattle Astronomy blog!

We’ve moved to a new URL: https://seattleastronomy.blogspot.com/

As of today all new content on Seattle Astronomy will be posted there. We’ve migrated most of our material from the last 9+ years over to that URL as well. We’ve decided to discontinue our “Astro Biz” feature and so have not moved those posts, nor have we brought over numerous “upcoming events” posts that are no longer relevant and don’t seem to have any evergreen value.

As of now we plan to maintain our astronomy events calendar–though few events are occurring these days–as well as our maps to stargazing sites.

This site will remain live until our hosting expires in late July, after which we expect it will disappear.

Those who have subscribed to email alerts about new posts can find a quick form that you can use to continue to get notices when we publish.

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